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Doctoral Students and Visiting Faculty Member Accepted for Publication

Manaev, Manayeva, Yuren

CCI Doctoral Students Natalie Manayeva and Dzmitry Yuran have co-authored an article with former JEM Visiting Faculty Member Oleg Manaev, that was accepted for publication in Columbia University Journal of International Affairs. The article “Ashes for the spiteful Phoenix: Foundations of Belarusian authoritarianism” will be published in upcoming Fall/Winter 2011 issue.

The article was set to explain sociological foundations of the authoritarianism in Belarus. It focuses on several features of the Belarusian regime that explain its vitality. Authors argue that some of these features are typical for authoritarian regimes, while others are very distinctive for Belarus such as gradual farewell to the USSR, value split of the society, and “silent revolution” in the social structure of the society, incomplete national identity, and a dual geo-political choice. Authors argue that these peculiarities are deeply rooted in history, culture and geography. The lens of public opinion is being applied in discussion employing an analysis of a series of independent public opinion polls.

Founded in 1947, the Journal of International Affairs is a foreign affairs periodical published by the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. The Journal is published bi-annually and has readership in over eighty countries.