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Doctoral student Natalie Manayeva published and article in Questions of Journalism (Slovakia)

Natalie ManayevaDoctoral student Natalie Manayeva is the lead author in an article that was accepted for publication in Questions of Journalism, Issue 3 – 4/2011 (vol. 54), peer-reviewed mass communication journal in Slovakia.

The piece entitled “Mass Media Under the Eye of Big Brother: Governmental Control Over Mass Media in Belarus” was written together with Anna Aniskenich and Anton Dinerstein (Minsk, Belarus). This paper examines various legal and business means of governmental control over the mass media in Belarus. The concept of the “ancient enemies of the press”, developed by Frederick Siebert, served as a theoretical framework for this study. According to Siebert, “enemies of the press” include libel laws, taxation and licensing of mass media outlets. Authors argue that this theoretical framework is still applicable today and with some additional elements, could be useful in the explanation of the mechanisms of governmental control over mass media in contemporary Belarus.

Making use of several qualitative and quantitative techniques, this article illustrates how the Belarusian authorities use this “ancient enemies of the press” to censor the mass media, and provides an example of a modern day authoritarian regime that uses various means to implement strict governmental control of information flow in the country.

The journal Otázky žurnalistiky (Questions of Journalism) (ISSN 0322-7049) is a reviewed magazine with the fifty-three-year-old tradition.