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UT journalism class trends nationally on Twitter

Original story and images by Anthony Cespedes for, The Tennessee Journalist
Edited by Jennifer Brake

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View of twitter trending box from iPadThe University of Tennessee was in a new national spotlight Thursday night as Professor Jim Stovall’s Journalism and Electronic Media 200 class started trending on Twitter with the hashtag used to identify his class, #JEM200.

Stovall encourages his students to tweet during his lectures, giving students experience in combining journalism and the major social networking site.

Thursday’s class was devoted to learning about the journalism opportunities at the university. As students tweeted everything that they thought was important, their Twitter feed for #JEM200 was soon flooded by spam and offers from other users.

Soon after Cardona’s tweet, the spam started to roll in. Once students realized their class was trending, they started applauding the national attention.

Natalie Cordona's #jem200 tweet, @nat_cordona,

A view from student Taylor Rhodes' laptop reveals her view of the trend.From all of the spam on the Twitter feed, though, there was only one useful tweet. A post from posted an opportunity to study abroad while reporting overseas during the summer months.

Not long after class finished, the trend ended. But with the second week of the semester just beginning, the class will have the opportunity to get the trend going again every week until finals.