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PhD Master Class in Copenhagen this March

Professor Brotman’s course will take a look at Entertainment and Media Sector Issues of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy. 

Brotman is a Nonresident Senior Fellow AT The Brookings Institution’s Government Studies Program/Center for Technology Innovation. He also lectures on entertainment and media law at Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School. Professor Brotman will deliver his fifth annual invited lecture at Stanford Law School on Feb. 26, “New technology developments in entertainment and media law.”

Brotman also had the following articles published in recent weeks on

“TechTank looks ahead to 2016,”January 19, 2016 – with Kevin C. Desouza and Niam Yaraghi; “The real digital divide in educational technology,” January 28, 2016; and “Antonin Scalia’s telecommunications legacy,” February 22, 2016.