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Our Donors

JEM 60th Anniversary Donations:

James A. Clodfelter

Jim DuPlessis in honor of Paul Ashdown

Brett Edgerton in honor of the equally legendary Kelly Leiter and Dwight Teeter

Steven R. Ewald

Richard Greene in honor of Kelly Leiter

Chester Thomas Harris III

Linda Jennings Higgins

Bruce Hight in honor of John Lain

Suzann Hollingsworth

Shana T. Jenkins

Melissa A. Johnson

Thomas & Jennifer Johnston

Deborah L. Jones in honor of Dr. Kelly Leiter

Larry Lunsford in honor of Richard Smyser

Cleva M. Marrow

Ryan & Erica McGee in honor of Sam Swan

Holly McKenna in honor of Dr. Paul Ashdown

Maurice M. Moser, Jr.

Dorothy D. Napier to recognize Ruth Powers Napier

James E. Rayburn

Jeff Schenkel

William Scott Shelton in honor of Ed Dunn, Ph.D. and professor Irv Simpson

Nancy Jane Shirley

Jan Stinson in memory of my father-in-law Lloyd Armour, executive editor (ret.) of the Tennessean

Amy Thomas in honor of Bonnie Hufford

John Troutman in honor of Dr. Kelly Leiter

Christine Tucker

Sam Venable in honor of Kelly Leiter

Jack K. Westbrook

Nancy Kay Williams

Additional 2008 Donations:

Dale & Teresa Gentry in honor of Tom & Ellin Gentry

Frank S. Costa

Jeffrey & Lisa Gary

Alan Owen

Jupiter Entertainment, Inc.

2007 Donations:

John Noble Wilford, Jr.

Frank S. Costa

Bobby Melton

Georgiana Fry Vines in memory of Carl A. Vines, Jr.

Thomas McAdams in honor of professors Kelly Leiter and June Adamson, in memory of professors John Lain and Willis Tucker and in spite of professor James Kalshoven