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Are You A Storyteller?

Do you want to tell stories? The University of Tennessee School of Journalism and Electronic Media will give you the practical hands-on experience to begin your career right after you finish your degree. Whether you want to anchor the evening news, cover a professional basketball team, produce documentaries, break down complex science stories for your audience, or run advanced digital equipment behind the scenes, we have professors and industry experts who will prepare you for the evolving digital workplace.

Get a Degree in Journalism and Electronic Media

The School of Journalism and Electronic Media is part of the College of Communication and Information at the University of Tennessee. Our goal is to prepare students for a career in writing, broadcasting, photojournalism, production, and new media. Students in JEM may choose a specialty area of study such as science, sports, business as an undergraduate major. We also offer a minor in JEM for students who wish to supplement their major with media skills and knowledge.

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Qualities of Journalist

According to the American Press Institute, they looked at the most successful and impact journalists and compiled a list of characteristics that stood out to them as important qualities:

  • Exhibit broad curiosity
  • Eagerly adapt to new technologies and platforms.
  • Think about multiple audiences.
  • Smartly balance their time on story choices and audience interactions.
  • Spend considerable time building relationships with sources, readers.
  • Build connections and teamwork within their own newsrooms.
  • Find their own way and direct their own work.

When thinking about majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media, some things to consider is if you like to conduct research, write and edit stories, then here is a checklist of questions to keep in mind.

  • Do you feel confident in your research and storytelling skills?
  • Do you like to spend time fact-checking and making sure every detail is correct?
  • Do you like to reach out to people to interview, whether it’s in-person, calling or email?
  • In order to improve, are you able to handle criticism and feedback from your professors and peers?

The Job Search?

Content Marketer Copy Writer Corporate Communications Specialist
Editor Grant Writer Public Relation Specialist
Reporter Social Media Specialist Sports Information Director
Technical Writer Broadcast News Analyst Photojournalism
Campaign Manager Web Producer Director/Producer
Marketing Manager Public Relations Manager Writer/Author
Blogger Marketing Research Analyst Announcer
Broadcaster and Sound Engineering Tech Videographer Radio Station Manager