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Students visit ORNL

Science Communication students visit the ORNL Graphite Reactor and Dr. Lee Riedinger explains the story of the Graphite Reactor and the first sustained
nuclear reaction. Photo credit: Dr. Lee Riedinger

Mathieu Rouault asked professors from UT’s Science Communication Center (SCC) for advice to scientists regarding science communication at the International Conference on Science Communication in Nancy, France this past September. Their answers prompted Rouault to write that the information was the most important of the conference and that Europeans should take note of the information and put it into practice. Something Rouault says is not currently being done. Professors Legg, Littmann, and Hirst (UT English Dept.) presented a session titled “Training Student Scientists to Communicate Science in Writing and Speech” at the International Conference on Science Communication, held … Read more “Legg, Littmann receive international attention for presentation on science communication”

Dr. Mark Littmann, Dr. Ken Levine, Dr. Bob Legg, and Dr. Russel Hirst (from the English Department) have been invited to participate at the Eleventh International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary, in June.  The group will conduct a workshop and presentation at the conference.

The group is also in discussions with the University of Oslo, Norway, about developing a similar Communications Center there, and has discussed the possibility of some face-to-face meetings with the Norway contingent while in Budapest.

Marlene Taylor, who received her M.S. in Communications (science writing, 2011) serves as Associate Coordinator for the Science Communication Center for the NSF IGERT SCALE-IT and NIH PEER grants and provides science communication training for computational biology doctoral students. Tylor has been chosen by the Scripps Howard Institute on the Environment and Science to attend its elite Institute for Environmental Writers on the Environmental Problems and Solutions in the Everglades program. The Institute is an intensive series of talks by experts, discussions, and extensive field trips to explore the Everglades led by scientists.

East Tennessee chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.

Marlene Taylor received the Graduate Student Award of Distinction.

Alix Pfennigwerth and Michelle LaVone both received the Undergraduate Student Award of Distinction.

Miriam Kramer and Eric Gedenk both received the Award of Excellence.

Charli Kerns won the Award of Merit.

Since the East Tennessee Chapter of the STC expanded its Blakely technical writing awards to include science writing students in 2006, students taking JEM science writing courses have won awards every year.

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Read more “6 JEM Science Writing Students Receive Blakely Awards”